Pre-Order Issue 3: Tough Girl

To celebrate his birthday, the Creator of Yscariot, Marcus Medina, will be releasing Chapter 1: Verse 5 as Issue #3 in the comic book series, and Chapter 2: Verse 2 in the novel series for Wrath of the Royals.

Pre-Order on Google Play Pre-Order on Amazon

The upcoming Issue #3 will be available for pre-order starting from today until it’s release date (November 20th). ALSO, the second verse to Wrath of the Royals will be updated and contain its first draft! Yscariot, with Jon at his side, meets his stalker!

Both books will be priced at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE OF 99¢! However, this price will only last until November 20th, and both prices will be raised to $1.99 on or after November 21st.

Wrath of the Royals will be capped at 7.99 while a special edition may be available for $14.99 as with Sphere of Light. Both books will be progressively edited and include free updates beyond the standard editions and will not experience price increases. There is no specific date slated for Wrath’s release as of yet, but parts of the novel will be released around every one to three months (based on fan support).


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