Second Novel Serialization is NOW!

I am very excited to announce the coming of the second chapter in the Yscariot‘s story, Chapter II: Wrath of the Royals, and its serialization. Like the previous novel, Chapter I: Sphere of Light, it will be serialized up to a number of verses, possibly up to 10, before closing to be a completed novel.

The LOWEST PRICE to ever buy the second novel begins now. Now available on GooglePlay (also available for Amazon Kindle platforms). Prices will increase after November 21st, 2019.

Mini-series Locations (Digital only)

The third chapter is estimated to be the shortest of the sixth with the final being the longest to create. In this time, it may take many years to complete the project based on the amount of support there is to back the writer and connected artists to all projects. We are all trying anything and everything for Yscariot to become something that is shared worldwide. With the first book being so large, I hope to shrink the word count down to 50,000-60,000 but if the consensus believes Sphere of Light the word and page count is okay, then there will be no focus on how big the next book will be.

Until then, I hope that you, the reader, will take time to purchase and enjoy this improved addition to the Yscariot line-up. If you own the SPECIAL EDITION novel, all updates will be automatic until the very end of the Wrath of the Royals timeline and will also include other goodies not found in the standard books.

The story continues as a standalone download for those who do not own the Special Edition on Amazon. The start-up price for first comers begins at $0.99 USD and will increase after November 21st, 2019!

Series details for the WOTR – ALPHA:

  • Preview Cover: Purple
  • Codenames: Greek alphabet such as alpha, beta, etcetera.
  • Verse Count:
    • Alpha: Verses 1-3
    • Beta: Verses 4-6
    • Gamma: Verses 7-9
  • Transforming File: The book will transform into the next codename as time passes.
  • GREAT NEWS! In the past, I separated books into categories based on their codename. This time, there will be only ONE book with limited price ranges. That means, if you buy the digital book now, you will buy it at its LOWEST PRICE ever. First to come will be the first to win! The regular estimated price will be set between $7.99 or $9.99. Again, SPECIAL EDITION customers of the digital copy of Sphere of Light will not need to make any additional purchases as Wrath will be given free through automatic upload.

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