Joseth as he appeared on the cover of the Beta (Mini-book#1). Concept by Marcus Medina.

Historical Design

Joseth (pronounced [ENG] jo-seth, [SPN] yo-set [JPN] ジョセス, [KOR] 조세스) is a major supporting character who appears in Verse 1 of the Neo-Alpha. His character was created about a month after the initial short story, Project Hayato, was written. The idea of the main character (Yscariot) having a mentor was immediately implemented into the story to help guide the character in ways that his powers could not. Originally, his name was Quan and was a minor sorcerer on planet Aris (a planet that mirrored Earth). He has very little fighting power, but can shoot energy waves and stop time for a very short moment. He is also extremely generous in nature. Everything about him was retained in the final story except for his name. Yscariot’s transformation resembles Joseth’s silver hair. Joseth’s orange eyes are one of the typical eye colors on Aris (which he passed to his daughter on Earth). The Chinese philospher, Confucius is the inspiration of Joseth.

Concept by Marcus Medina.


Little is known about Joseth’s background, but he started to assist his master at a young age. He is one of the only few people who have seen and been blessed directly by the God of Aris. After being deceived by a false King, Aris collapsed soon after due to the god’s sword falling into the wrong hands. Joseth was told by the god that his planet will be covered in darkness for a long time and disaster will come to man in order to restore the world to its primitive state. He escaped and was intercepted by an alien fighting force after chasing his god’s essence in space. After being jailed and facing execution, he managed to trick an elite fighter and escaped to Earth after finding his lord’s power. He was discovered by an excavator and lived peacefully for many years after.

Art by ~Rin~

Rise to Power

Joseth’s powers were given to him from a master after being chosen to serve his planet as a sorcerer-apprentice. Joseth’s back story is partially told in the latter verses of the Neo-Alpha preview book.


Character Facts:

Age: Unknown
Nationality: Naturalized Shengese
Born: Planet Aris
Blood Type: Unknown
Resides: Nazares District, Urdea, Mesoa
Occupation: Alchemist, Farmer, and Sorcerer
Likes: Stargazing
Name: Joseph (Biblical character) & Seth (Egyptian Deity)
Inspirations: Confucius, Jesus


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