Faroania (Place) – (Pron: Fa-roh-ni-yah; Japanese ファロニア国) The imperial city-state of Eygea. The king of Eygea resides here and occasionally leaves the city in order to maintain acceptance and order with his people and unified army. It is the richest city on Earth in terms of resources and is the backbone of world economics.  The leaders of Faroania were influential in annexing Nubia, a powerful tribal state erected in ancient times, and peacefully assimilating everyone into one complete continental nation.


  • The country is a spin on a modern Ancient Egypt, and the name is based on the common American-English pronunciation of the word “pharaoh”, a king in Ancient Egypt, with some shifts in spelling.
  • The king is address as The Faraoh (fa-rah-oh), and the queen is addressed as The Faroah (fa-roh-ah).


Young Faronian boy with typical dark brown skin and green eyes. (Medina, 2016)
Young Faronian boy with typical dark brown skin and green eyes. (Medina, 2016)

Faroanian (People) – (Pron: Fa-roh-ni-yan; Japanese: ファロニア人) Faroanians are the people from Faroania in The Kingdom of Eygea. Their physical appearance includes  having a more noticeable dark skin complexion than any of the human races on Earth and are naturally strong-bodied people. Most citizens live a very simple life in order to maintain a rich and close relation to their king. The majority of Faroanians live in Eygea, but some moved to Mesoa in the attempt to live a life originally restricted by kingdom laws. Faroanians are a minority outside of their country of origin, and they suffer the most prejudice in Urdea, Mesoa. Their diaspora reached the lands of Quetzalco and Caribea, where they were generally accepted before continental annexation of the two countries.


  • They are based on Earth Actual’s people of African descent.
  • Yscariot,  Jon, and their respective immediate families are currently the only Faroanians known in the story. Although Yscariot is of a mixed race, it is confirmed by his mother that his father was from Shenguo.
  • Unlike the Nubians, Faroanians do not wear tribal outfitting or carry markings, scars, or body modifications that their Egyean counterparts possess.
  • The Faroanians claim to be the protector of all Faroanians worldwide and encourage their own to stay within their continent for safety reasons. They also secretly keep track of all emigrated persons and their immediate families to a certain degree.

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