Dreas by Rin
Dreas by Rin (2015)


Dreas (pronounced [ENG] Drey-as, [JPN] ドレアス, [KOR] 도레아스) is a recurring character in Yscariot. His character was created by the author, Marcus Medina, to serve as the primary human antagonist in the story. The inclusion of his character happened some time in 2007, but he was unnamed until 2013 when the story was originally planned to be released as a comic beta. Originally, the street thug Spyke (introduced in Yscariot: Neo Alpha – Verse 2) was given the name Dreas, but was later assigned to the chief bully of West Nazares High School as the name seemed to fit best on a recurring character. His actions as a bully are not fully explained in the story, but he has done or is mostly indirectly responsible for a wide range of mischievous deeds such as hazing, mobbing,  and stealing. Dreas is also made to be the total human opposite to Yscariot. Whereas the latter character is seen as poor and unattractive, Dreas is considered extremely strong, attractive, and rich compared to the other students. He and his two accomplices were added to the story to give Yscariot a normal and yet seemingly impossible conflict to overcome. His character is based on the concept of “an untouchable kid”. To the author, Dreas is a reverse character based on the typical hero archetype and exhibits overall male beauty standards to which Yscariot challenges.

Dreas, concept by M. Medina in 2013


Dreas was born on 06-06-GA19 in Babell, Urdea and relocated to Nazares’ Upper Gate community. He is the son of the principal of WNHS and is believed to be a part of the Babelloni Family which also includes the Minister of Continental Mesoa and other political entities. Dreas is introduced in Verse 4: No Contest in Yscariot: Neo Alpha as a bully who either directs or engage in bullying on a daily basis. As the son of the principal, he is usually omitted from suspension and is does not face the pressure of facing consequences due to the fact that Nazares is ran by a corrupt education and government system that seems to promote peace, but often reward the richer students with better opportunities except in rare cases (Trinity being scouted from Shenguo). Therefore, authorities never follow-up on any bad deeds Dreas and his two accomplices, Felipe “The Horse” and Samson “The Bull”, commit at the school. During Yscariot’s first year at WNHS, Dreas would torture Yscariot with a slightly bigger gang until a rival gang from Yscariot’s town alerted Dreas about his disease and threatened to kill Dreas if he touched Yscariot first. From the beginning of the story, Dreas intimidated many students without physically touching Yscariot. In the Delta Verses (V:09~11), Yscariot eventually defeated Dreas and the two other bullies which caused inactivity from the bullies for some time.

Amatuer Fighting Career

Dreas is known as a former Heavyweight Champion of West Nazares High School. He lost his title to Trinity shortly before she unified the championship against three other champions of the other schools to become an undisputed champion. Dreas initially challenged Trinity to a rematch, but figured he will wait until a new champion or near graduation to take the title from her.

Prior to losing his championship, he won 99 in-school battles without a single defeat. He first learned how to wrestle at four years old and practiced boxing every other day from the age of ten. As a member of the boxing division in the Fighter’s League, he is the sole trainer of a handful of students who vow to follow his word, which includes “Horse” and “Bull”. Outside of school, Dreas is a teenage prized fighter who owns numerous awards for his victories.

Character Facts

Age: 16
Nationality: Mesoan
Born: Babell, Urdea
Resides: Nazares, Urdea
School: West Nazares High
Likes: Beautiful girls, Boxing
Dislikes: Yscariot, Jon, Faroanians



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