2014 Final Draft of Sho by the Illustrator, Rin

Historical Design

Sho (pronounced [JPN] ショー, [KOR] 쇼 ) is a major supporting character in Yscariot™. His character model and demeanor is loosely based on the youngest sworn brother of the author. Like Riu, he was also originally intended to be a full-blooded Japanese cousin to the title character before the dramatic changes in character and world designs in early 2012. The character concept was to capture his youngest sworn brother’s innocence and disciplined behavioral pattern. The character was meant to create a contrast between small and large characters and demonstrate the power of the Sphere of Light in even the smallest hero. Unlike most of the characters in the story, Sho and Riu are both the only hero characters who did not have any change to their appearance or name. His fighting style is inspired by the Dragon Style, and he possesses great knowledge in fighting for a child his age. In Yscariot™, he embraces Tatsujutsu (Dragon Technique) to remain loyal to his family’s roots. His brother is Riu and his family are descendants of Yamato’s Blue Dragon Clan.

2003 concept of Sho by the author, Marcus Medina



Sho was born on 12-31-GA25 in Urdea, Mesoa 4 years after Riu. He lives in the outer and safest area of the slums in Nazares and was the first in his family born in Nazares. Sho is introduced in Verse 10: Tempest in the Yscariot: Delta preview at the same time as Riu. Unlike Riu, Sho never considers himself a friendly rival in terms of competition, but more of a spectator when they engage in activities together.

Rise to Power

Sho unexpectedly took a position on Yscariot’s team when his curiosity led him to take hold of Wind, the largest source of energy available to the brothers. Unlike Yscariot and Riu, Sho has yet to use his power, but as time progressed, he trained with the boys as it is inferred that he knows how to use his power.

Character Facts:

Age: 10
Nationality: Mesoan
Blood Type: Mutated after absorbing power from Lightning.
Born: Urdea, Mesoa
Resides: Nazares, Urdea
School: Outer Heaven Elementary School
Likes: Watching cartoons, Gaming, and Studying
Dislikes: Being picked on by his brother
Name: Ode to Sho Fukamachi of Guyver, a character loved by the youngest sworn brother of the author
Inspirations: Shouryu of Flying Dragon, Son Gohan of DBZ


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