Gladys Betiles, formerly known as “rin”, is a 19 year old college student who is currently seeking a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology.  She is an anime and manga enthusiast who dreams to be an animator. Aside from drawing and doing school and house work, she spend most of her time reading fantasy adventure books, playing computer games, and doing Otaku-related things. Her current position with X’el Studios is Illustrator of the primary story, Yscariot.

Gladys is the artist illustrating the final images of all of the characters appearing in the Yscariot novel. She is from the Philippines, and like the author, Marcus Medina, she hopes to work in a Japanese-related art and entertainment field.
Favorite food: mostly sweet and salty food.
Least favorite food: spicy stuff
Favorite movie: fantasy-themed animated shows.
Greatest fear: cockroaches, especially the flying ones…
You can check out more of her art here:

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