Miho’s final concept by Rin.

Historical Design

Miho (pronounced [ENG] me-ho, [SPN] mi-jo [JPN] 美保 (ミホ), [KOR] 미호) is a supporting character who first appears in Verse 1 of the Neo-Alpha and is later revealed in Verse 6: Dark Memory. Her character was created in 2000 as the first supporting character in Project Hayato as the new best friend of the title character. The idea of creating Miho was an ode to the author‘s first and only penpal from Nagoya, Japan. As time passed, they lost touch and Medina decided to implement the name into his story. With the addition of Miho, the story became more complex and gave way to new storylines.

“Without Miho, there wouldn’t have been a story for me to tell. She is the reason why I kept working with the story and why there will be a story after…”
-Marcus Medina

Interestingly, Miho’s name (like Riu and Sho) has never changed since the story’s conception. Before Yscariot consumed energy from the Sphere of Light, she was the strongest human (see “neoforms“) on Earth due to possessing superhuman power inherited by Joseth. Like Joseth, she has a gentle soul and is extremely generous. Originally, her character was to be from Japan, as she possess traits of a character seen in Japanese animation and manga. Her original name was Miho Kaneda (金田美保) before most character last names were omitted from the story, but she still belongs to the Kaneda Clan of Yamato.

2013 Concept of Miho by the author, Marcus Medina.


Miho was born on VGS-18-GA20 as a result of virgin birth. She is the daughter of Emily, a cultural scientist, and the Arisan sorcerer, Joseth. Although her parents are much older than usual, Joseth’s magic kept him and his wife in a youthful state for half a century as they traveled the world. Emily, Miho’s mother, was able to conceive her only daughter through Joseth’s spiritual blessing which is typical of sorcerers of Aris as they are the only beings on Aris to grant children on the planet. Unlike her father Joseth, she is an avid practitioner of self-defense and took up flower arrangement with her mother. She also knows sorcery which was inherited by her father. Like any Earthling, she has never realized space travel, but she was able to see Aris through deep meditation with her father. She grew up mostly in Kimono, Yamato in Shenguo with her family until she met Yscariot in a dark alley. After saving Yscariot, who was defeated for trying to help her, she and her father tracked Yscariot and surrendered the Sphere of Light to him for his valor. When asked why she didn’t inherit the Sphere of Light, she emphasized that being the offspring of a sorcerer meant already inheriting a given power therefore nullifying any chances of taking the power for herself. With Joseth’s wealth, Miho was able to live comfortably compared Yscariot and the others and she often used her money to support the less fortunate throughout Shenguo.

Concept of the original Alpha comic strip in 2012 by Marcus Medina featuring Miho, Yscariot, and the Yamato thugs.

Rise to Power

Miho’s powers were given to her as a result of her birth. Joseth passed his power to Miho during conception. Her abilities include superhuman strength, flight, increased speed which contributes to her grace, and healing power. In Verse 1, she heals Yscariot to perfect health after he was brutally attacked by a small group of street thugs. She uses basic fighting techniques based on a popular and exclusive Yamato martial art known as “Yamatoken” (archaic writing 大和拳) which she studied at a police academy hosted by a relative of her mother. Miho is currently the strongest known character in the story, surpassing Yscariot due to the fragmentation of his Sphere of Light, which he later distributed Arisan elemental powers to Riu and Sho.

Character Facts:

Age: 15
Nationality: Shengese
Born: Kimono, Yamato
Blood Type: O+
Resides: Nazares District, Urdea, Mesoa
Occupation: Student
Likes: Flower Arrangement, Nature, Yscariot and his family
Inspirations: Taken from a friend in Japan.


  • Original occupation was student and working seasonal in a doughnut shop.
  • She can pick up a car if she wanted.
  • Never got angry in her entire life.
  • Virgin Birth was inspired by the Birth of Jesus, which explains her extremely pure nature.

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