Liquis concept in 2014 by Marcus Medina


Liquis (pronounced [ENG] Lih-kwis, [JPN] レクィス (Rekuisu)) is the major antagonist in Yscariot: Sphere of Light and the titular character’s ultimate opponent. In 1999, Marcus Medina revealed his story to a fellow junior high school student about a potential enemy to Yscariot, then named Hayato, and the design was to mirror the body and fighting capabilities of the Batman Beyond character, Inque, from which the author had only seen once from a television commercial. His friend originally hated the idea which prompted further creation of the story and its continuation as a whole.

“I did it to be funny and annoy Adam and that’s how this whole thing came about.” (Marcus to friends in 1999)

In addition, Liquis’ behaviors and powers were inspired by both Venom and Majin Buu but with more focus on transformation. Initially, she was to travel in a spaceship in pursuit of Joseth, however, this idea later changed to her carelessly seeking revenge immediately flying after him as she did not want to lose him. The name LIQUIS is based on the word liquid, which comprises of her primary bodily property. The power to change her shape was given to her as the author was first fond of shapeshifting as a third grader. Being the most violent character in the start of the series, she is known to kill a majority of her hosts after controlling their bodies. Before the rewriting of the story in 2010, Liquis came from the planet Neptune, the same planet from the Milky Way Galaxy (now known as the Solar Galaxy, or Neo Soldaria). Liquis, along with Miho, Sho, Riu, and Jon, were of the original characters from Chapter One who did not receive a name change since her addition in the story in 1999, a year after the original short story was written. Her addition to the story also added other antagonists that are soon to follow.

Liquis, 2013. Concept by Marcus Medina


Liquis’ true age is unknown, but she is indeed the oldest, most intelligent character to have ever walked the Earth. She mentions coming from royalty as her father is the king of her planet of origin, Aquaria. She hails from the original race of alien beings known as the fictional Ambiote, a race of amoeboid possessing high intelligence. She is first introduced in a flashback of Joseth’s narrative before he acquired the Sphere of Light, the energy source that prompted the events leading to her skirmish with the sorcerer. Liquis addresses herself as “Aquarian” whereas Joseth calls her by the universally known name Ambiote. On Earth, she is known as Neoform Amoeboid. The use of the word “amoeboid” is not used universally.

Liquis, before being the bloodthirsty general that she is known by,  worked as a close guard of her immortal God-king, Neptunius, who formed the planet and its inhabitants in his way. As a result, Liquis is the offspring of her king as with all of his creations. She is favored highly by her father who only truly care for a select few out of the ever-growing population. Liquis is a Liquidus Ambiote taking the primary form of a water-like creature that can morph its shape. She has lived for thousands of years through evolution which also attests to her long travels through space as mere specks of grain falling through an hourglass. The other forms, Solidus and Gaseous Form, do exist but are not revealed in Sphere of Light.

Liquis is close to her father as she honors him in war, negotiation, and destruction. She never accepts bounty for herself until after her father observes it and distributes the prize amongst his warriors. Long before the events of the Sphere of Light’s creation, Neptunius created his own Sphere using only the Void energy which engulfed the former known planet Soldaria, a solar-powered planet which gravitated all surrounding stars and planets of the Ygros Galaxy System. As a result, Neptunius was seen as a threat to all beings belonging to this system and was unchallenged by all beings.

Unlike Neptunius, Liquis yearns for more power and influence over neighboring planets and galaxies. For a period of time, the alien went on a murderous rampage and destroyed dozens of planets against her father’s wishes, yet she always had an excuse to do it. Her warlike behavior came after a great war that happened a millennia before her encounter with Joseth in space.

In that time, Liquis served with honor and reserve. She worked with the best warriors within and outside of the Ygros System.  After an incident of betrayal, Liquis experienced a moment of madness and was forever changed to the way she is now.


Liquis Concept in 2014 by Marcus Medina on Jeju Island.

Liquis is said to be much stronger than Yscariot while at her best. However, her half-century long journey brings her to the same level of a Fully-Powered Yscariot. In terms of combat, Liquis is naturally a brawler, but her power of symbiosis allows her to learn new styles. In addition, her shapeshifting abilities help form weapons needed for combat, but her concentration of creating solid objects consumes natural stamina to which she has mastered over a long period of time.

Her liquid-based body helps her evade oncoming attacks and the floating nucleus in her body provides her with eyesight in 360 degrees. When a moment of idleness, she can see everything coming to her in all angles, but when the crosshair-like pupils adjust for better concentration, she momentarily loses her ability to see all around her.  Her energy attack and aura is colored dark-purple, and she can fire a barrage of energy blasts but prefer using larger strikes to strike fear in her opponent. Her most devastating attack is known as the Dark Matter Bomb. Depending on its size, it can destroy an entire planet.

She can easily regenerate destroyed or detached parts of her body if she is able to absorb portions of herself in time. If destroyed, she will use a lot of stamina in her fight. If she desires, she can take the essence (life force) from her opponent before or after killing them and collect their power using Void energy. Outside of combat, she can  enter through a body using symbiosis and learn her host’s thoughts and memories. She can also take full control of the body. Depending on the health of the host, they will either die or be left unconscious for a period of time. A major weakness to Liquis is that she gets weaker over time if a large amount of her body is permanently destroyed or unreturned.

Liquis in Symbiosis 2005 Sketch by Marcus Medina.

Character Facts

Age: Unknown
Relatives: King Neptunius
Origin: Aquaria, Ygros Galaxy System
Likes: Destroying enemy lives and planets
Dislikes: Joseth


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