2014 Final Draft of Riu by the Illustator, Rin.

Historical Design

Riu (pronounced [ENG] Ree-yu, [JPN] りゅう, [KOR] 류 ) is a major supporting character in Yscariot™. His character model and demeanor is loosely based on a sworn brother of the author. He was originally intended to be the full-blooded Japanese cousin to the title character before the dramatic changes in character and world designs in early 2012. The character concept was to capture his younger sworn brother’s persistence in keeping up with Medina in terms of being great in every activity they partook in. Medina, the author, admired the connection that he and his actual brother had and he was shown images and concepts of the story that were either drawn or written on paper. After taking an interest in the story, Medina thought it would be a good move to include his sworn brothers’ likenesses into the story. As the friendly rival, Riu serves as Yscariot’s second. The idea was to include an Asian character that was close to his roots and excelled in martial arts, which totally contrasted his American-born sworn brother in real life. His fighting style is inspired by the Tiger Style, but he is well-versed in a great number of Kung Fu styles. In Yscariot™, he embraces a Tiger Style martial art known as Torajutsu to separate himself from his family. His family are descendants of Yamato’s Blue Dragon Clan.

2003 Concept of Riu by Marcus Medina


Riu was born on 1-14-GA21 in Kabuto, Yamato 4 years before Sho. Like Yscariot, he lives in a slum neighborhood of Nazares with his family, but lives in the outer and safest area. His parents have always lived ordinary lives and were exiled to avoid living under the rule of their clan. Riu is first mentioned in Verse 6: Dark Memory in Yscariot: Neo Alpha (the preview to first book) and is introduced in Verse 10: Tempest in the Yscariot: Delta preview. Up until Yscariot reveals his power to Riu, both he and his brother were martial artists who were excellent fighters at their age. Yscariot, even with a disease, was seen as an older brother to the two and was admired for his skills in video gaming and leaving behind a hard life. He chose Electricity as his source of power due to its aggressiveness.

Rise to Power

Riu was offered a position on Yscariot’s team after it was discovered that Yscariot would not be strong enough to take on Joseth’s adversary on his own. Due to his prior knowledge and experience in martial arts, Yscariot recruited Riu to help him protect the Earth in the case there are more alien encounters. In the Delta preview, Riu’s physical strength and speed was dramatically increased by Electricity (a fragmented element from the Sphere of Light) to which he was also able to create an electric charge before demonstrating his power to Yscariot.

Character Facts:

Age: 14
Nationality: Naturalized Mesoan
Blood Type: Mutated after absorbing power from Electricity.
Born: Kabuto, Yamato, Shenguo
Resides: Nazares District, Urdea
School: North Nazares High
Likes: Fighting, Gaming, and Studying
Dislikes: Being bored, and Not being first place
Name: Comes from the middle name of the author’s sworn brother
Inspirations: Vegeta [DBZ] and Bruce Lee


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