The 2014 design of Trinity created by Marcus Medina to thank his first 1000 fans on Facebook.

Historical Design:

Trinity (pronounced [JPN] トリニティ, [KOR] 트리니티) is a supporting character in the story. Her physical character model is an ode to a combination of two friends in the author’s days of high school. The first, a blonde-haired classmate who wore “china-doll” bangs, and the other, a Vietnamese-born student who studied Tae Kwon Do. She was originally named ‘Trina Bao’ in 2000 being a few months younger than Yscariot (then Hayato) and was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. The character originally belonged to a once-powerful, but now exiled, government leader who ruthlessly taught her daughter martial arts. She would then go on to soundly defeat the reigning district champion (a boxer) in a high school martial arts contest and become the undefeated All-American Champion. Her hair was also initially black. With the story’s setting, character appearance, and names changing in 2012, Trina was ultimately renamed to Trinity (as a full name) and was given longer Blonde hair as a ode to one of the friends that the author once admired. Her character originally shared traits of being Vietnamese and Korean. Her first appearance in Yscariot is in Book 1: Verse 5, Tough Girl.

Chibi Trinity, 2014. Art by Rin as a promotional for “The Gospel of Yscariot”.


Trinity was born on LYB-08-GA20 in Aodai, Tet in the Federation of Shenguo. She moved to Nazares, Urdea with her aunt and uncle shortly before starting high school. Her family lineage and background information is set to be revealed at a much later time. Her style of martial arts known as Red Star Dragon Fist (赤星龍拳) is inspired by Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do elements. Being the strongest champion in the entire district, she gained a level of popularity which earned her admiration, fear, and jealousy among her peers. She befriended Yscariot in a World Cultures class due to him having very little friends or interaction with others besides Jon. Trinity is also the first girl that he openly admitted that he has a crush on. She is highly intelligent barely coming in second of the Top Three in her school.

Trinity concept in early 2013.

Rise to Power

It is not yet revealed on her role in Yscariot, but she has enough power to punch trees without feeling pain. With the fragmentation of Yscariot’s Sphere of Light, it is possible that she will be one of the first candidates to inherit a part of his power. Her fighting style consists of extremely powerful basic strikes, and she can change her speed without compromising her initial strength. She demonstrates her mastery on such techniques on a newer and stronger trainee in Verse 5 of the first book and applies a submission hold on Yscariot’s best friend, Jon, with relative ease. Before Yscariot’s transformation, Trinity was the second strongest female Earthling known in the story (with Miho being the strongest human on Earth).

Character Facts:

Age: 15
Nationality: Shengese
Blood Type: A-
Born: Aodai, Tet
Resides: Nazares District, Urdea, Mesoa
School: West Nazares High
Likes: Fighting, Winning, and Studying
Dislikes: Obnoxiousness, Arrogance, and Weak Opponents
Inspirations: 18号 (DBZ), Tifa (FF7), Sonya Blade (MK)


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