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Below are individual comic books available for single-book reading.
El primer número está disponible en Español.

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Below are links to Novel One (Completed) and Novel Two (Subscriptions). Subscriptions are delayed during this time due to difficulties with Covid-related issues.

Yscariot: Sphere of Light (complete novel) is also available on eBOOK and paperback format.

You can also purchase the eBooks in Special (Subscription) and Standard editions.

The Special Edition is a subscription to the original release of Sphere of Light and will also include bonus content.

The Standard Edition is released without any updates aside from readability and minor correction updates.

The digital standard edition is also available on Google Play


The second novel is currently in the works but is available for permanent purchase at the lowest price offered, 99¢ until the next update. Currently, the book contains a verse lost from Sphere of Light and two verses from Wrath of the Royals.

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Yscariot™ is the story of a Heroic Fantasy novel with 3-chapter novellas being released seasonally between 2014 and 2015. The story and all of the initial art was created by the author, Marcus Medina. Illustration work is provided by Gladys Betiles.

Primarily focusing on the Hero’s Epic, it ultimately follows the life of Yscariot, a troubled teenager, who inherits a power that changes him into a superhuman. The story takes place on a modern Earth in an alternate universe.

Originally a high school short story project, the story was created over a 2-year time span (first drafted in September 18th, 1998) and carried over receiving improvements being made in order to add more life to the characters and the world that they live in. The story’s blueprints during the 20 years of its conception was finally put into work in January 2013.

A few themes and issues in the story cover: bullying, art of fighting, and mysticism. More information will be revealed during the release of the completed story.

Yscariot’s storyline is split into TWO complete stories.

The Gospel of Yscariot: An original story created between 1998-2001. The story contained 6 parts which are now recognized as Chapters. A chapter is about a full-sized book long. For example, Yscariot: Sphere of Light, is a single chapter and is currently over 65,000 words long.

The Chronicles of Yscariot: are a series of side-stories intended to go deeper into the Yscariot storyline. So far, most side-stories were created between the years of 2002-2013. The last and only side-story was created in 2013 before a new idea to expand the world was conceived in Shenyang, China in 2015. Another idea to expand into other area of Yscariot’s map was created in 2017 in Shanghai, China years later.


  • Project 00 DOUBLE ZERO (Subtitled “Inheritor”/Backstory) = 2002
  • Project C (Subtitled “Comedie of Y/A.G.’s Camp”) = 2017
  • Project D (Subtitled “Second Savior”) = 2012
  • Project F (Subtitled “The All Seeing Man”) = 2015
  • Project G (Tentative Historical Korean Project) = 2012
  • Project Y: Infinity (Previously known as Project H2000) = 2000
  • Project J (Originally “Project Q”/Backstory) = 2004
  • Project L (Subtitled “Wrath of the Original Demon”) = 2012
  • Project Omni (Subtitled “Creation and Destruction”) = 2012
  • Project P (Tentative “Clash of Heroes” Project) = 2015
  • Project X (Subtitled “The Diamond Warrior”) = 2004
  • Project X-0 (Subtitled “War and Brotherhood”) = 2012
  • Project X2 (Subtitled “Three Against the Machine”) = 2013
  • Project Yasuke (Historical Project Parts 1,2, and 3, Subtitled “Chains to Blade”, “Through Time”, and “Liberation” respectively. Cross Story: “YxY”) = 2007 & 2012
  • Project Y3 (Subtitled “The Diamond Goddess”) = 2002-2006
  • Project Z (Subtitled “The Last Princess of Planet Z”/Backstory) = 2004
  • Project Zodius (Subtitled “Twelve Seals of Heaven”) = 2013

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