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Welcome to the Yscariot PSO2 Ultimate Readers Contest II! The author of Yscariot™ is NOW hosting another 2000AC Giveaway to the Ultimate Reader on December 25th, 2015!


Congratulations to the winner of the Japanese Phantasy Star 2 Arkz Cash Card Contest )$20
Miguel L, the winner of the Japanese Phantasy Star 2 Arkz Cash Card Contest ($20 value) in March 2015


A PSO2 player has a chance at winning 2000AC in this private contest (via FB PSO2 English Community)!
Entrants must read through 19 Verses contained in Yscariot: ZETA.
The book is available for FREE! Just download here!

Like the other entrants, I too engaged in long hours of PSO. I have taken a leave of absence to complete my story and pursue a professional career path for myself. However, upon the PS4 release of the game, I will become a regular once again.

One day, you’ll remember this moment! Until then, keep enjoying the read.

How to play!
– Read Yscariot™ : Zeta (available NOW in downloads)
– Take the Ultimate Readers Exam II (test available here)
– Submit your test before the deadline (December 25th 11:59pm***)
– Watch the Live elimination drawing on YouTube (subscribe here) right after the deadline (World Clock: Japan/Korea Time)

First Wave (3 entries): Tymek Ty*, Charles Munday, Jefferson Altamirano, Fredrik Andre, Luis Leon, Marcos Cordeiro, James Rara, Roger Vang, Andrew Stout, Christian Luis Caneda.

20 more entries are still available… you can still win!

Contest Rules:

  1. All 30 entrants must post on the valid posts to be entered:
    a: Facebook Post 1 (Registration Closed) +2 entries
    b: Facebook Post 2 (Registration Begins on Dec. 15th Random Time JST) +1 entry.
    c: Last Minute Followers: Follow via/ FBPSO, Twitter, and Instagram
  2. Arkz Cash is for the Japanese PSO2 ONLY
  3. Only confirmed players OR real name entries allowed per [ONE] entrant. (Please refrain from double entry)
  4. The FIRST 10** entrants who submit their examination and have the HIGHEST grades in order of entry BEFORE the deadline will be considered as top priority.
  5. BONUS SCORE – Ten (10) points may only be provided one way, which may be revealed on the day of the examination.

Total Entrant Count: 20 (+10 on Dec 15, +10 on Dec 23)

* Player is confirmed as a real person via Friend’s List on Ship 02 (You can simply search for “Yscariot”).
** Although 30 total entrants may enter, the FIRST 10 with Quiz Scores of 100% will take top priority. 80-90% will proceed as second priority.
*** Deadline fixed to reflect a general World’s Time.

Previous Contests:

The Marcus’ Birthday Giveaway Contest ended on November 22nd, 2014 at 1:30am KST. The winner was a Twitch follower, “warriorlgls” a.k.a. “Socom Renegade” on Xbox Live! Congratulations on your victory!

The Hello Kitty Giveaway event ended at 12:45pm Korean/Japan Standard Time on December 18, 2014. Congratulations to the FIVE winners! Shirell Walker (FB-TX), Saudy Rojas (YT-OH), Colin Silva (FB-TX), Alinne Gauna (IG#-TX), and Patricia Dichoso (FB-HongKong)

The March 2015 Ultimate Readers Contest’s winner was Miguel L. who was awarded a Phantasy Star Online2 (Japanese) Arkz Card retailed at 2000Yen.


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