Happy Easter!








Although the people of Yscariot’s world do not observe the same holidays and religions than those in the real world, it doesn’t stop them from sending you all special greetings to fit the occasion.

You can use them to greet your friends and family, and even if you don’t observe the days, you can share it for good fun!

Major THANK YOU, once again, to the illustrator, Gladys, who created the images for the occasion. In her country, the Philippines, Easter is observed as a major holiday.



ZETA Preview Removed!

For a long time, the ZETA preview served as a way to understand the Yscariot story and has finally been removed from the server. As the editing process moves forward into the 50% range, the question of publishing was mentioned and the issue of having most of the book available online meant that it may compromise the chances of being published.

After a few days of deliberation, the giant preview was removed from the online servers to help with the possibility of hopeful scouting.