The Earth

The Earth as seen in Yscariot. Designed by Marcus Medina, Nov 2014.

Historical Design:

The Earth is the primary planet in which Yscariot takes place. Originally, Earth Actual (the real Earth), or True Earth, was to be the location of the story. The story started in Tokyo, Japan and Yscariot’s story took place in the USA. During the first 14 years of the story’s conception, the author wanted the story to take place in a new Texas (his home state), but move some of the action sequences to the deserts of El Paso, Dona Ana (NM), and New York City (NY). However, the cost of travel seemed to be a huge challenge for Medina, and he eventually decided before the 15th anniversary to announce on Facebook that his story will take place on a “new kind of Earth”. On January 2013, Medina announced Earth’s new concept. It will take place on a ‘post-Pangaea inspired’ Earth with the continents being renamed. Each continent contains a name that is either a portmanteau of Earth Actual lands or a tribute to Earth Actual cultures. The Earth, as it appeared in the Alpha preview, was redesigned with experimental airbrushing by the creator to demonstrate what the planet looks like in the story. The physical body of Earth in Yscariot™ is smaller than Earth Actual but not by a large degree.

MAP Concept by Marcus Medina
The Earth in Yscariot: Alpha in color. Designed by Marcus Medina in April 2013.

Planetary History

The Earth was said to be created by either a single supreme deity or multiple gods of the universe. Scientists  believed that it was self-created over 4 billion years before the story took place. Originally, the continents were connected by the concave in land geography, however, water flooded between the lands and deteriorated the flat between them. Through volcanic and tectonic activity, some smaller lands broke apart. Life on Earth included plant and animal life over the course of time. Dinosaurs and mythical beasts were said to roam the Earth for millions of years until the majority of them died off or disappeared. In half of Earth’s time in existence to the present day, humans emerged and evolved to be the superior race. Following the events of constant war and globalization, many countries formed alliances within their continent in order to maintain peace. The three primary nations are The Continental Nation of Mesoa, The Federation of Shenguo, and The Kingdom of Eygea.

Planetary Facts:

Existence: 4 Billion Years
Population: Approximately 10 Billion
Currency Type: Yenny [pl. Yennies]
Lands: Mesoa, Shenguo, and Eygea
Richest Country: Feroania, Eygea
Biggest Military: Urdea, Mesoa
Poorest Country: Urdean Caribea (Labor Province), Mesoa
Planetary Satellite: The Moon
Inspirations: Pangaea


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