Pre-Order Updates and Issues!

With Issue 3 being days away from its release, there were issues regarding the pricing of the pre-order.

After uploading over 20 pages of the eBook file, Amazon automatically blocked the 99¢ Pre-Order price and demands that the price be raised to $1.99. I apologize to anyone who was not able to afford the book at the discount price in the limited time left until my birthday. However, I came up with two really good solutions:

1. The prices of ALL other books will remain unchanged until November 30th of this year, so 10 more days to enjoy the lower prices.

2. Those who bought the book will get a free code to my SoundCloud’s private playlist and hear ALL Yscariot concept music in its entirety. Please contact me by email with a screenshot of your purchase (please hide your personal contact information).

To purchase any of my works, visit the BUY NOW page.


Pre-Order Issue 3: Tough Girl

To celebrate his birthday, the Creator of Yscariot, Marcus Medina, will be releasing Chapter 1: Verse 5 as Issue #3 in the comic book series, and Chapter 2: Verse 2 in the novel series for Wrath of the Royals.

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