Finalized version of Jon in 2014. Art by Rin

Historical Design:

Jon is a major supporting character in the Yscariot story line and first appeared in Book 1: Verse 3 (Homecoming). He was the third hero character added into the story after a quick visit to his friend’s house. The author spoke with one of his best friends about a story while looking at a Dragon Ball Z illustration book. The idea of the superhero story was already over a year old, but the main character had very little background characters. After telling the initial story of Project Hayato, his friend, Charles, took some interest. It was insisted by the author that he added him into the story as the first character of Black-American origin and best friend. The character would be known as Jon “Lionheart” who will possess similar powers and a fighting style to Son Goku of Dragon Ball Z (the character which is paid direct homage to for Yscariot‘s inspiration). Originally, the character would later sideline himself while trying to fulfill his dream of being a movie star, but would come back to eventually help save the world on his own. Changes in the story instead require him to be a regular member despite his “busy schedule” of being discovered. Although he is not as  mentally intelligent as Trinity or Yscariot, his ‘battle intelligence’ becomes extremely high and his comic relief elements are known to throw his opponents off balance. His original birthplace was Jamaica being the place of heritage for the author’s friend.

2013 concept of an upgraded Jon “Lionheart” by Marcus Medina


Jon was born in GA19 in Nuevo Rey, Caribea some years after it was annexed by The Continental Nation of Mesoa. He is of Faroanian descent and once lived with his father, mother, and older brother. His father was once a well-respected politician and his mother was a doctor. Shortly after Caribea’s annexation, their license to practice their jobs became nullified by Mesoan law and they were succumbed to working in hard labor to survive. Some time later, the older brother and Jon were born and his parents realized that they needed more to provide for the boys. When Jon was still very young, his family immigrated to the mainland of Mesoa and struggled to get their lives back. After becoming successful in his return to politics, Jon’s father eventually divorced his wife, and Jon will eventually aspire to become an actor against his father’s will. Living in ‘Safer Edge’, the outer area of the slums of Nazares, Jon was relatively more safe than Yscariot. And in an unfortunate turn of events, his older brother (a nunchaku enthusiast) was beaten by an unknown assailant carrying a bo staff.  Jon vowed to use his acquired riches to help move his mother from the slums when he becomes famous. He met Yscariot in Nazares Junior and they became friends ever since. He also looks up to Yscariot due to his resiliency in dealing with the pain caused by his disease and from the bullies.

Rise to Power

Not much is revealed about Jon’s power as of yet, but with the fragmentation of the Sphere of Light, it is most likely that Yscariot will ask Jon to join him in his fight against the alien, Liquis.

Character Facts:

Age: 16
Nationality: Mesoan
Blood Type: B
Born: Nuevo Rey, Caribea
Resides: Nazares, Urdea
School: West Nazares High
Likes: Martial Arts, All Foods, and Girls
Dislikes: Bullies
Character Model: Long time friend by the name of Charles
Name: Was given the name by Charles in 1999.
Inspirations: Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z


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