Team X’el

Thank you for taking interest in Yscariot! X’el Studios is currently a team of 5 members who are a crucial part of creating this new story. The members listed below:

Studio Members:

  • Marcus Medina: Author, Writer, Alpha Concept Artist, Web Manager, Facebook Page Manager, (Created the team in 2011), Japanese-English editing reviewer.
  • Luis Macias: Beta Concept Artist, (Joined in 2012).
  • Gladys “Rin” Betiles: Primary Illustrator, (Joined in 2014).
  • Aditya Wardana:  Comics Illustrator (Joined in 2018).
  • Koei Shimada: Japanese-English text editor & editing consultant.

Current Contributors (2017)

  • Nazar Q.: Arabic Translation of Alpha Verse 0.
  • Yuka Ogasawara: Japanese translator & current VP of X’el Japan.
  • Hilda Sanchez: Spanish Moderator of the official Facebook page.

Honorary Members:
Nia Evans: Spanish Translator of Yscariot: Beta (2015).
Cassandra Lebron: Contributing artist (March 2015 to August 2015).


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