Sphere of Light: Now Over 70,000 WORDS!

70,000 word count REACHED!
70,000 word count REACHED!

I am beginning to discover that editing is perhaps the hardest part of writing a book. The story is also looking more like a story. For that, I wouldn’t have to feel too embarrassed with my writing. The most awesome thing actually is reaching 70,000 words in the manuscript! That’s over four to five thousand words from its first completion!

Now on to Verse 14 out of 29 😀



Yscariot in ARABIC!?

It happened a few days ago.

A friend from the neighborhood in Shanghai read some of Yscariot during the holidays and took it upon himself to translate Verse 0: Prologue (Earth) in Arabic! It was perhaps one of the greatest random acts of kindness for the upcoming epic. Yes, the English version is still under development, but it would be awesome to see an ALPHA written entirely in Arabic.

Special thanks to Nazar Q. for his efforts on this draft.