Yscariot: Zeta & 14441 FB Follows!

Thank you to the 14,441 followers who are standing with me on this novel project. It is a huge deal to me and I look forward to telling this story to the greater world.

On to the writing… It is almost here! The newest release Yscariot: Zeta is nearly here! Information about this book is as follows:

  • Publisher: X’el Studios (Self-Published)
  • Author: Marcus Medina
  • Cover Designers: Marcus (Logo and “Z”)
    rin (front character), Cassy (Back)
  • Chapters: 19 Verses (includes Prologue and a Bonus chapter)
  • Pages: Over 240
  • Format: Protected PDF (GooglePlay) and PDF (TBA)

As you can tell, the ZETA will release as a miniature anthology of Yscariot. The book will contain every verse written up to this point and will also be the last FREE book to be available in this current saga.  All other verses will be included in a manuscript and will await publishing after a successful proposal is put into place. Once again, I hope you all enjoy the reading, and enjoy April! You can Pre-Order the book by clicking on this link.



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