How much time did it take to make this story?

The Zeta Verses will be released soon!
The Zeta Verses will be released soon!

After 16 years of planning, over a year of working on a different format to tell the story, changing it, and writing mini-books for another year… I have finally completed over 200 or so pages in this story, and the crazy thing is… it’s not finished yet! I still have a way to go before the story is completed.

Your Question: What about the Zeta Verses and all other mini-books released before it? Aren’t those “books”?

My Answer: They are a collection of chapters to be contained in a finished book which I am writing. I can tell you that the story will be larger than just ONE book. So count on Yscariot being much bigger than how you see it now.

Anyways, it is Friday and I have to go teach a bunch of wild children tonight. I hope you enjoy this release! Aside from some minor improvements, the story conclude the test of virtues for Yscariot and introduces a world bigger than just one character.



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