Bullying is Not Just Fantasy…

NobullyingLet me tell you guys about bullying, because I don’t speak on this often. Bullying is real. This is not a promotion post to get myself out there. I’m simply saying that bullying goes far beyond schools and it is an epidemic going on for far too long. In addition, it can happen at home, too. For a lot of you who do not know, I was also bullied. I was bullied at school, church, and even worse… in and around my own home by a handful of my own relatives. More surprisingly, I was even bullied whilein the Marine Corps, but let me tell you that the latter didn’t happen too long, because people close to me knew that my patience stretches beyond galaxies, but just taste-testing my patience was simply asking for it, and I delivered whether it is physical or psychological. And the sweetest thing about it? I will still won in the end with a 100% success rate. There is not a bully in the Corps that can say “he got away with it.” So, should I have to prove my worth to a bunch of alphas and alpha-wannabes? No; and no person should ever have to do such a thing.

My niece is currently going through problems at school back in the United States (as I have stated on other social media outlets before) to a point to where she is now being threatened. Let us hope that things work out and my brother and niece’s mother get things done peacefully so that my niece can grow up healthy and safe. Things do get worse unless real help is applied. You see videos of people these days getting jumped and more in the USA, because people are ignorant and it still happens, Love your children, my friends and family, and teach them to be better than you. Teach them about life and what they can accomplish and aspire them to do better things.

Also, teach your children the difference between right and wrong. Ultimately, you, the parent, will decide what your children can be entertained in, but the lessons are sometimes only learned a fraction of the time. Instead of allowing them to get to a point where popular media is the final provider of lessons in their lives, sit down and be the entertainer yourself. You might say, “I don’t ever have enough time” or “it’s just something to keep them busy” or perhaps you are still assuming and making excuses for yourself. In that case, you then, sir or madam, must reevaluate yourself as a parent. Are you the parent that you want to have? Are you proud of yourself?

This is not me attempting to govern a parental lifestyle, this is me helping those who might not have realized their position as a person. A person who is an uncle to a child who, like other children, is going through a never-ending dilemma of misguided children infringing on the rights of others. Yes, children do have rights, too. Bullies cannot grasp the concept of the Declaration of Independence. And this is not a political post, either. Just think about this for a moment [parents of the bullies], are your children… terrorists? Because terrorists are also people who deny others the core values stated in the document that philosophically and lawfully grants American freedoms: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Is Life about bullying, or being bullied? How about Liberty? And how about Happiness? Now, you might say, “Well, Liberty is a core value of my independence, so I should be able to bully.” The answer is that you are not half-wrong, but you are all wrong. Liberty is being able to act as you please, but make no mistake, you are impeding on the other core values of others, Life and Happiness. My niece, as well as other victims, are not living the life they choose when you bully them, and they surely are not happy. Who is happy about getting hurt without a reward? Who is truly happy about hurting others? No one. Because in the end, all of those who hurt truly suffer the most.

If you or someone else is being bullied, don’t sit around and do nothing about it. Try to help out by telling someone. Do not be scared to tell an authority figure such as a teacher, another parent or adult, and especially the police. Be reasonable and be the better person if you can and just leave each other alone. You can live and not have any love for someone, but you do not have to hate or act on it either. Be a hero by being yourself and helping others.



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