3234 Zeta Downloads!!!

Such an awesome Christmas gift for us by you, the readers and supporters of this story! Again, happy holidays to all of our supporters!

From April 28th (this year) to December 11th, I had only 995 downloads for the Zeta, and it was pretty slow due to moving, traveling, and not really campaigning much, since I figured most readers were likely reading the Neo-Alpha and Delta previews of the story (which reached 11,378 and 4295 downloads respectively).

From December 12th to this very moment, X’el Studios picked up 2239 downloads! That totals to 3234 downloads and I just want to thank every person who made that happen! If you’re about to download and preview my story, then I will thank you in advance!

Keep in mind that the story is a work in progress and also has omitted information that will be included in the final product.

Don’t forget to leave any reviews or provide any criticism to my email: yscariot@gmail.com


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