Happy Holidays from Team Yscariot

Winter Special by Gladys Betiles
Yscariot’s Winter Special (2015) by Gladys Betiles

No matter what you celebrate, or what lifestyle you practice, X’el Studios would like to take this time in wishing everyone in the world the very best this season. Every day should be about family and friends, but it’s the coldest season that usually bring the warmest memories.

For Gamers: Japanese PSO2 Winter Contest ($20 Value)

Although most holidays were abolished in the world of Yscariot™, the main story characters in the upcoming novel, Yscariot: Sphere of Light (as shown here) still enjoy winter time. Ironically, it’s having superpowers that generally keep them warm… Funny right?

Author’s note: Although I do not formally celebrate Christmas, my family does. In turn, I would often spend my time with them and provide the gift of myself throughout the year. When in country, I usually donate to Toys For Tots, a charity organized by the United States Marine Corps. One big issue is that I am no longer in the country (as I am currently living in South Korea), and unlike most foreign English teachers, I have not been back to the US in almost three full years, meaning that I have missed three Christmas events, as well as other holidays. So, I would like to dedicate this wonderfully made illustration (by Gladys Betiles) first to my late brother, Michael C  and late sister Linoshka T. To my best friends, and brother-and-sisters in heaven: Emmanuel and Guadalupe G. Also want to thank my late great friend, talented artist, and supporter of my work, Alicia Rodriguez. and also to my brothers in arms, the Marines lost in Operation Iraqi Freedom, especially the ones I served with during 2006-2007 in Haditha… You are the real heroes!

To my friends and family in from Korea to the USA, from New York to Tokyo… My followers, fans, supporters, and readers from all over the world… I thank you so much for standing beside me on this journey as I come closer and closer to my dreams! There is still so much to do and I rarely sleep. When I announced this story back in the beginning of 2012, very few people knew about it. I went from 50 fans to 150 in 2013, and then 1000 in 2014, and now over 20,000 people in 2015 that know the name and the face of Yscariot! It’s still a long way from victory. The first novel is nearly finished and my intended goals are far from being met. I hope you will continue to walk with me through the seasons for many years to come. I’m telling you, we haven’t even started yet!



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