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4/22 X’el Cast 03

News on the future of the completed first books, Japanese Alpha, Alphas and books in other languages, and other information and Continue reading 4/22 X’el Cast 03

Z-Day is HERE!

Click on the book cover to download the Google Play eBook for FREE!

These scriptures contains every written verse from 0~18.
These scriptures contains every written verse from 0~18.

Spring News! Contributions and Releases

Some great news to share with everyone
Cassandra “Cassy” Lebron, a digital artist who caught the  eye of the author/creator of Yscariot, took the time to recreate Trinity through use of her digital tablet. Pretty awesome, huh?  You can visit and LIKE her Facebook Art Page or view archives from her Blogger account. We greatly appreciate it, and she is open for commissions!

Click the image to view Cassy's Art page entry
Click the image to view Cassy’s Art page entry

Also, don’t forget to look out for the newest verses EPSILON and the first ever Japanese-translated ALPHA! The Epsilon will be released on February 28th, 2015 Korea/Japan Standard time. The Alpha will be released early March. Both mini-books will be released for FREE!!! Also, Epsilon will be one of the last free books before the campaign to release the epic manuscript takes place.

The Epsilon Verses and the Japanese Alpha Verses will both be available this spring very soon! Click the image to be taken to the downloads page to catch up on the story!
The Epsilon Verses and the Japanese Alpha Verses will both be available this spring very soon! Click the image to be taken to the downloads page to catch up on the story!

Notes on Epsilon
-Will be about 50 pages long!
-Will be the very first mini-book to have FOUR chapters!

Notes on Alpha (Japanese)
-Will be the very first Japanese mini-book
-Will contain the first 3 chapters
-Will be released similar to the Spanish Beta
-Will reset the releases as Alpha instead of Beta for Japan

Yscariot Delta for 2015!

DeltaversusThree NEW chapters will be available later this month to continue where the Yscariot: Neo-Alpha left off! It will also be for free and available on Google Play! Stay tuned, and download and read the book if you have not already! Thank you for following and helping me achieve my dream one read at a time 🙂


Happy Holidays! From X’el Studios!

Art by Rin
Art by Rin

X’el Studios want to wish everyone a wonderful winter as the year 2014 comes to a close. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Oshougatsu (New Year), or just finishing the year off with a bang by sitting on the couch or doing day-to-day work, we hope you the best during these last days of Winter 2014! Thank you for making Yscariot a part of your life, and stay in touch with the site and the official pages for more info in the coming future!

Over 11,111 downloads confirmed!

The preview to Yscariot (subtitled Neo-Alpha) has been downloaded over Eleven-Thousand One-Hundered and Eleven times! Never in life has anything this great happened in Marcus Medina’s creative career. X’el Studios is proud to gain every follower, reader, and supporter of Yscariot! Let us know what you think! Enjoy reading as the epic is currently being worked on! Thank you!

To enjoy an early reading of Yscariot, please visit the downloads page!

Happy Birthday, Marcus!

Birthday card by Rin

The author of Yscariot™, Marcus Medina, was born on November 20th, 1983. Team X’el is proud to have Marcus as the President of the studio. We all hope that you continue following this novel project and help and watch it grow into something much more successful. Happy birthday, Marcus! Enjoy Korea on your 31st, and may you continue your light on the world!

How big is Yscariot?

Extremely big. Fifteen years of telling the story to myself, and now it is time to write it all down. When my book is finished, I will look into writing more stories. This is what my life is about. There are other people to write about… let’s look at the future.

The future of Y... always stay tuned and be involved.
The future of Y… always stay tuned and be involved.