Just thinking…

Just thinking...

I have been meaning to blog about my journey in life earlier… it has been a bit busy. First, I been through some things (and I will talk about that later). For now, I just got home from work. I try not to be like other people I know who complain about what I do, because if I didn’t like it then I wouldn’t be doing it. However, I know I rather be homeless and happy than getting little than what I deserve for the amount of work I put out. I think it’s about time people accept me for who I am when it comes to the work, I have wants and needs, too. Ironically, I am used to survival, having nothing, and always wanting. My vision for the story I created is far bigger than what I can imagine. I just hope it comes out right. I don’t doubt myself and never have, but can get tough to truly get people on my side.

Anyways, I was thinking of a time when my younger brother and I was always sleeping on the floor, and when we gotten beds for the first time (I was about 11 years old) we thought we were getting somewhere in life. We knew we needed to get further and thought about making more money to buy my mother a nice big house (I know… too young do to all of that). We dreamed of making it big with a business in baking or whatever we could do. Well we were kids and I spent money to buy popcorn instead. We sold it to other children at our bus stop in the morning to try and double the earnings. I even made the comics at school for a dime (you can read about that in my background). So this is a bit like that time, but as an adult I know I should take better initiative. Until then, all I can do is keep at the creativity until I get something to show. I attached a picture of a concept for my main character Yscariot by the way 🙂


First post

As the creator of The Gospel of Yscariot, I want to thank anyone and everyone for visiting this blog. I am producing a comic book modeled from thoughts I had as a high school student up until now. It is broken up into six major chapters with episodes (known as verses) and will introduce readers to an alternate Earth and another universe to keep up with. As a youngster, I enjoyed what I could afford enjoying. I would collect magazines and comics based on video games and superheroes. I was re-inspired to do comics after about 17 years of beginning my first attempt at homemade comics, and 14 years of this current project when I held a manga for the first time. Life events kept me from producing anything, but now is the time to go for it all. I hope this is something enjoyable for many others than just myself.


Lights, on!