Issue II: EARLY RELEASE on Amazon!

Issue #2 of the Yscariot comics is now available on Amazon for the digital Kindle app. For $1.99, the comic is released 3 days before it’s intended date of April 20th. You can purchase the comic on Amazon at the link provided:

This news follows the previous post from earlier this morning, when the comic’s core pages were released. A new cover will be made in the future with an update to be announced at a later time. We sincerely hope you enjoy this new addition to the Yscariot story.

Words from the creator of Yscariot:
To keep these works coming faster, we need your support. For most of the the last and past year, I have been the sole source of building the story, but I can’t do it alone. Yscariot is heavily dependent on you, our current and prospect supporters and followers to create the next new superhero for a new age. Whether or not this story or comic is for you, there are always people who may be interested in this story, so please let them know about Project Yscariot! It may be a 20-year old pre-planned project all saved up as notes and data on paper, computer, and even my own mind, but it is still new to the world in its telling. I hope to create an exciting story that has its own life for as long as the world allows it to. Thank you.


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