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Check out my story, FREE!

If you haven’t done so, check out my story on the downloads page. The first 19 chapters (known as VERSES) are FREE!!! There is a lot of reading content even though some of the story is omitted until the release of the complete novel. You can view the video to know the basic background of my story’s creation.


Yscariot Explained By Friends

In today’s first-ever UNLIMITED podcast airing. Friends of the author, Marcus Medina, talk about the history of Yscariot to the best of their ability. Marcus Medina uses his awesome memory to recall some events, and we get a deeper look at Charlie Harmony (the person who was the inspiration for the creation of Jon “Lionheart”).

Enjoying Yscariot? Review!

Don’t forget to leave comments, reviews, and ratings on the preview chapters! Any feedback left on Yscariot.com or GooglePlay will be highly appreciated whether it is content-based (story) or format-based (text sized). Thank you so much!

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News for Spring!

Dreas, concept by M. Medina
Dreas, concept by M. Medina

A few new things are coming this month for Yscariot!

  • Dreas has now been added to the Character page during this week!
  • Creatures in Yscariot™ will be explained! If you have read the book, you have stumbled on other world creatures, and you will find out which creatures they are!
  • Other entries will be explained further to clarify background information about the setting.
  • The writing for Yscariot: Zeta will begin and will be the final free mini-book before the book is complete and ready to be presented to publishers!

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Yscariot: Epsilon is here!

Click the image to pre-order & download Yscariot: Epsilon (Verses 12~15)
Click the image to download Yscariot: Epsilon (Verses 12~15)

The first-ever FOUR chapter mini-book to the novella series Yscariot™ has now been added to the Google Play marketplace and can be pre-ordered and downloaded for FREE! I hope that you enjoy the next installment to something much bigger than what it is today. Thank you and I love you,


Cover Page Clash! Battle for the Cover!

Can you help us choose a cover for the Japanese Alpha preview of Yscariot? "White" or "Black"?
Can you help us choose a cover for the Japanese Alpha preview of Yscariot? “White” or “Black”?

It’s 5:30am on a Friday morning, and I am here with only one simple question. “Which title logo will look best on the cover of the Japanese preview to Yscariot: Alpha?” As my book is currently being translated in Japanese, I am here just getting my cover ready and I hope that you… the People of the World, can help me out. If you have any suggestions to improving these logos, you can also comment below! Thank you! Also, be sure to check out my book previews that I have periodically released and other information, too!