Issue 4: available March 25

Click Here for Amazon* | Click Here for GooglePlay

It’s here! The fourth issue of Yscariot is finally coming and it’s available for pre-order for the low price of $0.99. That’s NINETY-NINE CENTS! One cent less than a single US dollar! There are many things that can be done with a single dollar. However, owning this book through Amazon or GooglePlay store will allow you to keep this book in your library forever.

Like all other issues previously released, this title can be viewed on your smart phone device or computer even if you do not own a Kindle. By purchasing this item, it can be accessed through an Amazon account on the Kindle application or the book application for Google Play or through the desktop via their respective websites.

Again, I deeply appreciate everyone who continuously supports Yscariot through these hard times. Although the events that the world is currently going through has affected us in some major way, we should not be diverted from our goals and continue to use any resources that we have available to reach them. I have also learned the power of love through my family in this time, as I live far away in China from any of them, and I hope that everyone else’s will continue to love each other and be safe at this time.

Thank you!

*Please Note that Amazon customers may see only a single page until March 26th, 2020. This single page prevents Amazon from locking the book’s minimum price of .99 to 1.99. The price change may occur anytime before March 25th while the book is updated into its normal form.


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