Long Hiatus… A Much Needed Break.

Normally, there is a small gap of absence from me that is quickly explained. This one happened for a while. Allow me to update you all on my current happenings.

I took an extended holiday off from writing, primarily from editing, due to the amount of time dedicated from writing my story, Yscariot. So there was an abnormal gap of holiday time these days dealing with traveling, staying updated with friends and family, being promoted on the job (I am now a Granduncle and a Head Instructor).

I am also near the end of the road on my contract, and this mean, I am on the third week of thirteen weeks of training new teachers and finishing my time in South Korea. This is the time to refine my story, since it will need to have a completed first draft by the time I go home, and I hope to have that draft finished before I am able to really showcase it to the world (and potential agents).

As far as Yscariot projects are concerned, there will be a way to read a full PRE-RELEASED version of Yscariot with much of the entire story in the coming weeks or months. There are also incentives for donors in an upcoming STAY STRONG campaign.  Stay tuned about this information!

Anyways, I hope you all continue to back me up on my journey. After a second visit to the Philippines, I managed to meet with the illustrator a second time, and we explained some of the ideas that will appear in the near future!

Keep enjoying my story!

P.S. Check out the new entry in my glossary, an ode to Mexico!
QUETZALCO (former independent country)


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