Historical Background:

First introduced in the Zeta Preview of Yscariot, Quetzalco simply is a portmanteau of the words “quetzal” and “Mexico” both being odes to the background of the author, Marcus Medina, and his friend and concept artist of the Yscariot character concept, Luis Macias. Medina’s father immigrated from Queretaro, Mexico to which the majority of his family currently resides in. The quetzal is a bird that resides in the neotropical region of the Americas which also includes the southern areas of Mexico and a large number of Latin and South American countries. The inclusion of a country reflective of Hispanic/Latino culture was seen as necessary to the author due to sharing this background with his family, and the lack of representation in the media during the 17 years of popular programming in the USA in terms of superhero fiction. Originally, Quetzalco (as Mexico) was the original location in which the main character was to originally be found as an orphan (formerly Project Hayato), but the idea was scrapped after 2009 when the story was improved in terms of title, location, and character renaming.

Country Information:

A country in the Mesoan mainland that was annexed into the Continental Nation of Mesoa after The Great Civil War took place. Unlike Caribea, Quetzalco fought off the Babelloni-backed Urdean forces to prevent annexation and won nearly every skirmish until heavy artillery was introduced into the battle. Fearing that the sizable country was receiving assistance from the Kingdom of Eygea for possible expansion and unification could not occur with Quetzalco disobeying weapon and currency laws set forth by the continental government,  Mesoa began the slaughter of many of Queztalco’s fighting-aged men. After losing two consecutive battles, the noblemen of Quetzalco instrumented an act of surrender to save their people and the Maestro of High Order (Head of State) stepped down from his position. A new puppet ruler was to be elected as the representative by the people of Quetzalco, and soon after, the son of the former Maestro, Manosej II, took over to ease the tension between a weakened population of Quetzalco and brought them back from a depression state for a time. By GA36, Quetzalco had stabilized, but an unexpected famine occurred on most of its farmlands, and many of the citizens either suffered on its newly infertile lands or moved over to different parts of Mesoa.


  • Lazaro is a character that is mentioned to being from a high class Quetzalcan family. The primary sport that most competitors engage in is boxing and wrestling. Like most Quetzalcans, Lazaro takes pleasure in wrestling and has invited Yscariot over to watch videos of the sport being played at his house.

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