ARIS (Planet)

Concept created by Marcus Medina, 2020

Historical Design:

Aris is a planet serving as a background setting in Yscariot. Originally, known as Planet Mira (the “mirrored Earth”), or Mirror, is the location from which Joseth originated. This planet was introduced in the storyline in 2000 when the story was refined with actual names of the Chara term. Joseth, whose original name was Quan, was supposed to be a shaman from New Mexico but was born in China. The people on Aris are supposed to be an Alien humanoid race resembling people of Asia and their physical construct. In contrast, they would not inherit any of the current or modern architecture’s or lifestyles of Asians, but instead, only hold their traditions in spiritualism which may include Taoism and Confucianism. Ironically, the author-creator, Marcus Medina, unknowingly included such elements into his story after being inspired by the visuals and dialogue of philosophies introduced and seen in kung fu films. However, Taoism and Confucianism, the most prevalent forms of ancient Chinese philosophies, were actually not known to him until 2010.

Planetary History

Aris, unlike Earth, is considered a highly intelligent planet in comparison to Earth due to humans having the ability to perform superhuman activity. The planet has one creator who was active in leading his creations directly and indirectly through living vessels. The planet was said to have been formed by a holy essence. Unlike Earth, creatures of prehistory and animals experiencing generations of evolution did not precede the majority human race. Instead, the sole creator of Aris first created humans and then animals.

The majority of humans inhabiting the planet have orange hair and a gold-eye color. Those who reach high energy levels may experience a change of color in their hair and eyes which will become silver. Due to the rarity of such events, the few who reach the levels will often be awarded legitimacy to a position in monarchy. Unfortunately, the transformation it’s usually too difficult to bear, so if a noble warrior reaches the level once, then he will be entrusted as king. Only 2 warriors have every obtained this achievement with one disappearing forever.

After the Last Great War on Aris, Joseth mentions that the Creator covered the entire planet in darkness in order to end war and development and take the planet back to primitive times.


People are normally friendly and laid back. Diplomacy with other planets is the highest demanding duty of all employed on the planet. The classes of people are: Nobles, Warrior, Sorcerer, Cultivator, and the Young. Women and men can be assigned to any role. However, since the planet’s forty years of darkness, most people became cultivators and the other classes were abandoned. The Noble class voluntarily abdicated their positions to take part in the Great Cultivation of Aris. Joseth is the only known escapee of the event.


Aris has millions of animals roaming the planet. Meat is a preferred meal for warriors at a time, but the majority of people in current times rely mostly on a sorcerer’s diet. Many of the Young must eat meat as a form of helping with growth however, the majority of their meals are vegetable or plant-based. Millions of lush species of grass and insects live in a heat and humidity-based ecosystem powered by Ygros, the largest and most powerful star in the Ygros System. The land encompassing the planet are ring-shaped continents with former kingdoms separated by a ring of water. The warmest locations are based near the ocean hugged by the equator ring.


Lights, on!

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