Yscariot: Now 20 Years!

It is September 18th! That means, IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY! Yscariot turns TWENTY years old and will only get stronger from here! We thank everyone staying strong with Team X’el and hope that you continue to stand by our side during our quest to become bigger and better! First, let us give our condolences to those affected by the storms occurring in different parts of the world and hope for a speedy recovery for everyone around the world during these times.

X’el Studios, the bringer of the Yscariot story, is planning to release Sphere of Light in a 22-page comic form! Which means, we will be condensing the story into a fully illustrated form with one to two verses to represent the story. There will be additional scenes implemented into the saga, and quite possibly, a video version of the story may be released once a plan is made for that. A NEW team member will be in charge of this feat. Of course, we are open for experienced volunteers to help out.

From INDONESIA, our new illustrator joining the team as the ACTION ILLUSTRATOR Partner for an upcoming project, the reboot of a comic series belonging to Yscariot: Sphere of Light. 

Aditya Wardana is an Engineering major who aims to become an established illustrator and has joined Team X’el! More information about him will be released soon. Gladys Betiles will continue to be the primary illustrator for much of the Yscariot projects.


Full versions of Yscariot orchestrated music demos will be uploaded in a special section of the webpage with a passcode reserved for customers (and will be subjected to change). For now, snippets will be featured on YouTube.

A MEDIA menu will be made to host concept art on a tab known as BACKSTAGE where you can view upcoming and future art before it is released (paid customers only) along with links to download related media.

In the last update, the novel’s word count increased significantly with its latest update, however, the standard eBook will have Verse Zero removed as it will be available on the site in its current form at an undisclosed time.

Here are some of the upcoming updates for the SPECIAL EDITION of Sphere of Light to be added in a season TBA:

  • VERSE DOUBLE ZERO (Prequel to Verse 02 – Awakening) which will serve as the very first side story publicly made while the originals will come at a much later time. This will be free only for those who purchased the Special Edition eBook and Glorious Heroes.
  • CHAPTER TWO: VERSE THREE (Wrath of Royals) will be in the works and will also be FREE for those who purchased the SPECIAL EDITION of the eBook on Amazon.

Because of the weight of the work that will be done during this season and the next, we are currently drafting a simple Kickstarter project page to help support the artists who will help make the story presentable and enjoyable for all types of readers. This information will be posted on a later date.


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