December ’17 Update~

Hello all! This is the author posting to thank everyone who has an interest in my story, especially the customers! Thank you!

Many changes and events has occurred in my life in a short time. Not huge ones, but good ones for the most part. Living ina busy city like Shanghai makes that happen. I’m getting closer to earning a Masters Degree and had the opportunity to network here-and-there, and my Chinese is improving little by little! Anyways, here are some of the announcements being made for all things involving Yscariot!

All format books:
Text corrections made throughout the novel (spelling/grammar).

Special Edition: Epilogue PLUS bonus content to be added in the near future (TBA).

Corrected the [unintended] page break resulting in the final page only containing small text.

With permission, Malcos (composer) green-lit “Weirdo” to be used as BGM for Yscariot-related works.

Glossary: I will take requests to future explain certain terms that are hard to understand through the book alone.



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