Manuscript Completed!

The official manuscript to Yscariot: Sphere of Light is now complete, but WAIT! THERE’S MORE! It needs to be edited and revised with omitted information that was not released in all of the initial previews of the story. Since yesterday, 300 new words were added into the first verse! This means that the completed 63,000+ word and 307 page novel manuscript has already received a whole new page in the story, and there is about 29 more chapters to work on!

The good thing is that I have finally told the story back to myself in the way I wanted it, but again, what I know is far more than what any reader knows and my desire is to share EVERYTHING with you all.

I don’t know if anyone is actually reading this, but if you are, thank you so much for supporting me with your time. That’s all I really need. Enjoy your days…



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