Seventeen Years of Yscariot™!!! New Updates!

YsCardIn 1998, Yscariot started out as “Project H”. After experiencing a few troubles in the previous and following years and playing and reading through a few Japanese game and comic book stories, I took it upon myself to create a story of my own.

The background story on how Yscariot™ was created has already been told time and time again, but it is hard to refrain from telling andshowing others how much I truly enjoy this story. I honestly believe that it is the all time greatest in the world. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be writing it. Hey, having confidence in your own work is not so bad, is it?

I humbly express my thanks to everyone who follows and believes in my work and the quest that I have embarked on to make this story happen on a bigger scale. Yscariot™ will happen!  Happy Seventeen, Yscariot!


In other news! Verse 3 (Homecoming) has been added and translated versions of the available introduction chapters will be added to the site (Japanese and Spanish)Untitled-1

Coincidentally, this marks the 100th post on!
What a way to start the new year for my story! Thank you again for your time and please enjoy my story! The novel is near completion!



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