First concept of the Yenny Dollar. The bill is considered the full note and is based on the Platinum Standard (Art by Marcus Medina).
First working concept of the Yenny Dollar. The bill is considered the full note and is based on the Platinum Standard (Art by Marcus Medina).


The YENNY (pl. yennies, pronounced: yen-ni, Korean: 엔니, Japanese: エンニ code: YNY) is the official and only existing currency on Earth and it is backed by the Platinum Standard. Originally, each country had their own forms of currency in the form of metal trade. With the instability of illegitimate money circulation and an ongoing global war, the Mesoan-based Conglomerate was recreated by merging with the top corporations of Shenguo and Eygea. Over a short amount of time, smaller companies took sides with the organization and created a bigger institution that would also become powerful enough to sway world leaders into creating a currency capable of undoing the uprising of average citizens and anti-Conglomerate factions. Prior to 01GA, yennies were distributed under the currency code YNY which has become obsolete as prior currency lost all monetary value in their old forms. People who possess older forms of money can recycle it for yenny through the melting of obsolete official coins or pulping. In Mesoa, an agency typically denies such practices with the majority of people of lower income backgrounds, so banks controlled by the Conglomerate will advise an agent to authorize the trade after receiving a high tribute, or percentage, of the owner’s money.


The yenny concept by name was conceived by the author, Marcus Medina. The idea spawned from the United States’ penny, the Japanese Yen, and the Zeni, a currency used in the fictional and popular Japanese manga, Dragon Ball. In the beginning, the real world version of Yscariot (previously known as Project Hayato in its earlier years) was to use yenny after the events of the Global Alliance with Japan being the major peacekeeper between the forces of the Unified Americas, Empire of Eurasia, and the Kingdom of Africa. Prior to these countries becoming Mesoa, Shenguo, and Eygea respectively, the character Yscariot (then Hayato) carried around a Go-en (5 Yen coin) after he discovered that his original pendant was swapped without notice. When the environment of the story was changed, the world was given a post-Pangaea look, and the name of the countries changed. This event also eliminated the use of other world currency and simplified the world’s previous currency as “metal trade“.


Although the story does not tell much about currency, other forms of yenny bills are used. Yenny bills can be converted to and from Grahms, and they are broken into small units of 1, 5, 25, and 50. 100 grahms equal a full yenny. Yennies in whole amounts are read as 1Y, 5Y, 10Y, 25Y, 50Y, and 100Y. When read in fractional amounts, such as 5.25Y, the value is read as “five yennies and twenty-five grahms”.


  • Yscariot’s mother currently earns 100Y a month as a librarian. The majority of her money is spent on daily bread, clean water refills, and medication used to aid Yscariot’s Leprosy.
  • Joseth does not hold a specific job in Mesoa, but his connections in Shenguo and the making of medications has helped his family make a significant amount of money. His wife’s previous job was known as one of the most lucrative labor jobs in the world.
  • The author, Marcus Medina, originally wanted to make the PENNY (PNY) the standard currency of the world, but couldn’t find a logical way to make everyone poorer if everyone made thousands and millions of pennies a year in BGA.
  • The Yenny bills contain the mark of the Conglomerate, which is often referred to as the Conglomerati by its underground rival groups or conspiracy theorists.
  • Although the 17th anniversary concept contains “In Yscariot We Trust” on the bill, it will not actually contain this in the story as this is only intended as a promotional piece. The real yenny bill is still under construction digitally despite being completed elsewhere, and it will contain a different set of text.

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