West Nazares High School

Concept of the Badge of West Nazares High School created by Rin & Marcus
Concept of the Badge of West Nazares High School created by Rin & Marcus

Historical Design

West Nazares High School was created as the primary location in Yscariot’s setting. Until 2010, the school was mostly unnamed until Yscariot’s setting was greatly improved during the Project Nazareth stage. When Project Nazareth’s names dropped and became Project Yscariot, the school was subsequently renamed Nazares as an attempt to pay homage to one of the most known towns in the Christian-based Holy Bible. As a young child, the author (Medina) used to read the NKJ Version Bible on his free time and engage in conversations with his mother revolving around the book. He used Nazares as a name in 2010 because he wanted a name to be somewhat original, but powerful and appealing to him. Due to the setting taking place in an alternate reality, there is no correlation between the world of Yscariot™ world and the real world.



West Nazares High School (WNHS) is one of the four high schools in the Nazares District of Mesoa.  It is the first school built in the district and offers advanced courses in the arts, sciences, and offers a wide range of physical education programs.

Originally known as Nazares High School BGA89, WNHS was the very first high school built in Nazares for teenagers over 15 years of age in the upper middle class. It also provided the Paige’s License in the Arts (PLA), Science (PLS), and Physical Education (PLP).

West Nazares is currently the leader in Arts and and Physical Education. In Arts, they hold the most championships in Beauty and Fashion. In Physical Education, they currently have students who have obtained championships in Wrestling, Boxing, Martial Arts, and Foot Racing.

In the year GA35, Trinity, a new student at the start of the year, entered The Fighter’s League as a scout and top fighter from Aodai, Tet to become the first female martial artist to become a champion by easily defeating her in-school rivals. She later unified the school’s title by defeating an undefeated Dreas for his recently obtained Heavyweight boxing title, and also claimed his wrestling title. Later that year, she went on to be the winner of a tournament between Nazares schools North, South, and East to become the Undisputed Heavyweight District Champion. As a result, she was the first female to achieve such accomplishments which also led to each school reintroducing their top fighter simply as “Team General”.

WNHS’s mascot is the Razorwing, a dragonfly insect known for populating Mesoa and is known for it’s ability to survive in dry, humid, and wet weather conditions better than any insect. The Razorwing also gave birth to the school’s mantra “Adapt and Overcome”.


Yscariot, the protagonist, is a student at WNHS
Yscariot, the protagonist, is a student at WNHS

Known Attendees

Yscariot – Protagonist; once passed with a 69.45% Grade Average.
Trinity –  Minor character; Yscariot’s Love Interest; Champion; 102.1% Grade Average
Jon – Minor character; Yscariot’s Best Friend; Voted Best Comedian; 82.3% Grade Average
Miho – Supporting Character

Location Facts

Planet: Earth
Located: Nazares District, Urdea, Mesoa
Open: 125 Years
Champions: Trinity (Fighter’s League); Felipe “Horse” (Track)
Mascot: Razorwing (Dragonfly)
Mantra: “Adapt and Overcome”
Name: Nazares and Richardson’s ‘West Junior High’


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