Historical Design

Leprosy is a disease that was placed into the story in 2014 as a mean to limit the human capabilities of Yscariot before inheriting the Sphere of Light, which was powerful enough to eradicate the disease from his body. The idea of including Leprosy also came with the author of Yscariot contemplating over a limitation for his protagonist and reminiscing a time when he attended the Dallas chapter of Prestonwood Baptist Church in the mid-1990s. At that time, his class was lectured over the history of Leprosy. Since then, Medina took a short term interest in genetic and biological diseases in his latter year of elementary school which reading numerous science magazines. Another incident that led him to include the disease was when he was faced with the stresses of a drastic career change, homelessness, and the hospitalization of his mother between 2012 and 2013. He was discovered to have a case of eczema for which he was quickly diagnosed and treated at the Dallas Veteran’s Affairs Hospital in 2013. All of this led him to include Leprosy as a “disease to unexpectedly overcome”. The relationship with the story and the virus are yet to be revealed in the story.


Leprosy is one of the deadliest diseases known to man in the Yscariot storyline. Currently, the only character infected by the disease is protagonist, Yscariot.

Leprosy is a chronic viral infection that progressively spreads throughout its host’s body and infect the skin and organs. Symptoms include weak eyesight, exhaustion, visible and bodily inflammation, and extreme rashes in areas where the skin is infected. Currently, it is incurable by regular medicine but can be treated into a dormant or weakened state.


Leprosy is non-contagious but can be spread environmentally and through genetics. The virus can thrive in the water and food of temperate climates such as Urdea, Mesoa. Despite the popular belief that Leprosy is contagious, it cannot be contracted from person to person due to the virus’ restriction of only living in its host’s body


Typically the poor is at risk and is the majority of people who are infected and killed by the virus. Those who took a drink of unfiltered water in Mesoa were certainly at risk around the first year in the Age of Global Alliance.


If left untreated, Leprosy can kill its host in a matter of five years and will cause agonizing pain for a lifetime. On average, the virus kills an extremely healthy victim around the thirty years of age with normal treatment.

If contracted at birth, a child may die much sooner without professional treatment. However, teenagers can expect to live to the adult age of about twenty to twenty-five years with normal treatment.

Cure and Treatment

Treatment includes an expensive pill or inexpensive topical cream that sends nanomicrobes to be consumed by the virus. The only way known to eliminate Leprosy from the body undergoing a special and extremely expensive radiation treatment. The process is called Deleperization. In this process, a patient will be placed in a quarantine room and be exposed to radiation powerful enough to remove any living virus cells that exist in the body. After this process, the patient will experience hair loss, dry skin, peeling, difficulty breathing, eating, exercise and fatigue.

Extra information:

  • Yscariot’s mother, Maryam, was a carrier of Leprosy and thus Yscariot contracted the disease at birth.
  • Yscariot’s original life expectancy is around twenty years of age, especially due to not applying his medication regularly. He was also originally addicted to the pain.
  • In one instance, a fighter was stricken by a sudden Leprosy attack and underwent treatment in the year G.A. 12. After surgery, three radiation treatments, and a year of physical therapy, he returned to fighting and remained undefeated in the current day.

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