Hammakh Desert

Hammakhian Dunes, Concept by Marcus Medina. Feb. 20, 2017.
The dunes of the Hammakh Ring, Concept by Marcus Medina. Feb. 20, 2017.

Hammakh Desert (Pron: Ham-mak; Japanese: ハンマク;  Korean: 함막) Hammakh is known as the hottest desert in the Urdean continent.

Historical Design

Hammakh was introduced in the Zeta Verses of Yscariot™: The Sphere of Light in Verse 14, “The Birth of Justice”.

Although Yscariot™ and most of the story existed during its conception between 1998 and 2002, Hammakh, in concept, was written into the story line as a general idea around 2009 which was known as an “unnamed desert”. When coming up with an idea for the environment where Yscariot would have his first intense training session, he immediately thought of the deserts which he lived and worked in: The Mojave Desert between California and Nevada, Haditha City in Iraq, and Doñana in New Mexico.

Originally, the “unnamed desert” in 1999 was designated as a New Mexican territory where, in the original story, “Hayato” (now known as Yscariot) was found by a sage who raised him and pass power onto him. However, with a lack of knowledge of places like Japan and New York, the author, Marcus Medina scrapped the idea of using a realistic Earth and began changing his project into an Alternate Earth setting in early 2010 under “Project Nazareth” with many name changes and designations occurring.

In 2015, Hammakh, as a designated name, was given to the location as a tribute to Medina’s time in Mojave Desert. While stationed in desert regions, such as Twenty-Nine Palms Marine Corps Base and Camp Wilson, Medina moved across the desert fields of California and parts of Nevada where he encountered a military officer who talked to him about the beauty of the desert that they were in and how to face the fear of deployment. Looking back at these events gave Medina the courage to move forward into the Iraqi Campaign with a newfound courage.

The original name of the Mojave Desert  is Hayikwiir Mat’aar, or Hamakhaave, in the Mojave language to which the name “Hammakh” comes from.


In terms of temperature, it is the most dangerous place to live with a reading of 100 centigrade (CG) in the peak time of the year with temperatures rarely dropping more than 10-20 CG throughout the year. Hot air typically pushes out towards the west to other neighboring cities.


The Hammakh Desert is one of the largest land regions in the world with few distinct areas. The most famous areas known are the Hammakh Ring, Hammakh Dunes, Mount Halo, and the evaporated Haven’s Pond which is formally known as the Second Eden.

Native Life

The Razorking bug and its evolved form, Razorwing, are the few known species that inhabit the desert. Other animals famous to the area may live along the Hammakh Ring and populate Quetzalco as a result of its proximity and bearable weather.

Few people come from Hammakh. The natives live a quiet and carefree life in the Hammakh Ring region.

Other Information

Military personnel formally used the outer region for training before moving to Quetzalco. Occasionally, few people will trek along the “Hammakh Ring”, which surrounds the hottest and most deserted region of the desert.


  • Hammakh derives from the Mojave word, “Hamakhaave”.
  • Yscariot’s hometown should have been Hammakh in the original story created in 1998.
  • Yscariot and other supporting characters are known to be the only humans capable of surviving Hammakh’s heat at its peak.
  • The native Razorwing insect is the official mascot of Yscariot’s school, West Nazares High School.

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