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In 2014, on Jeju Island, South Korea, the idea of time itself was taken into consideration when remodeling the entire Earth structure. Names were being created and considered over the years, and on February 25, 2017, in Shanghai China, the author of Yscariot™, Marcus Medina, finalized the naming of the different months of the year. The names are all inspired by the Western Zodiac and little information is to be revealed about the usage of these names. In addition, the names of these months are typically written in number (i.e. Gymanus: “06”, Leyyus: “08”) and may be used sparingly in character dialogue.


There are two calendars in the Yscariot story line: Before Global Alliance and Global Alliance. Due to the Continental Nations agreement to use a single calendar, the months were switched six months forward to accompany the sun’s alignment with the Earth. Much of the story takes place during Global Alliance, however, plans to create side stories (known as The Chronicles of Yscariot) will have certain stories told before the birth of Yscariot.


In accordance to Earth’s custom, all countries abide by the Global Alliance calendar where the first month begins on, Kapricus, the first official day of Winter and is recognized as the first month of the year. The first fifteen days in KPC are known as “First Moon”. The second set of days in the month are known as the “First Sun”. Summers have the longest days in the month, where other seasons host longer nights. Gymanus hosts the Final Sun & Moon and is the mark of the summer. Every month has 30 days each.


The calendar for the order of each month has been returned to the original dates to avoid confusion, however, Gymanus will still remain as the turnover period for students moving into the new school year. Changes took effect on February, 19th, 2018.

Jan = Kapricus (KPC) The first month of the year.
Feb = Akerion (AKR)
Mar = Pyesus (PSS)
Apr = Ereus (ERS)
May = Taara (TRA)
Jun = Gymanus (GMN)
Kaslur: 15 Days of the Final Moon | Poltox: 15 Days of the Final Sun (New Year Begins)
Jul = Kancerion (KCR)
Aug = Leyyus (LYS)
Sep = Vergus (VGS)
Oct = Lybrus (LYB)
Nov = Skorpeus (SPS)
Dec = Sagatar (SGT)


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