The Future of Alpha~Epsilon

Character art by Rin; Cover Design by M. Medina

A lot of thinking this past weekend about how the ZETA will be distributed, and I have ultimately decided to cut off circulation of the older titles of the books [in the English format]. Continue reading The Future of Alpha~Epsilon

Sakura is here!

Yscariot and Miho during the Sakura season. Characters by Rin, background by unknown.
Yscariot and Miho during the Sakura season. Characters by Rin, background by unknown.

Sakura‬ or ‪‎桜‬ is a flower that blooms from the ‘Prunus’ tree. It is best known in English as the “cherry blossom”. Sakura is also a popular Japanese name. It is the current trend of nature each Spring in different parts of Asia. If you are viewing Sakura at day, it is Hanami‬ or 花見‬. Conversely, night viewing of Sakura is Yozakura‬, or 夜桜‬.

Anyways, the Zeta is coming with the final two free chapters! Be sure to be on the look out for that, which is coming this month!

Bullying is Not Just Fantasy…

NobullyingLet me tell you guys about bullying, because I don’t speak on this often. Bullying is real. This is not a promotion post to get myself out there. I’m simply saying that bullying goes far beyond schools and it is an epidemic going on for far too long. In addition, it can happen at home, too. For a lot of you who do not know, I was also bullied. I was bullied at school, church, and even worse… in and around my own home by a handful of my own relatives. More surprisingly, I was even bullied while Continue reading Bullying is Not Just Fantasy…

One chapter down, another to go

Yscariot in Hammakh
Yscariot in Hammakh

Chapter 16 is finished, and to recap but not spoiling anything, Yscariot is showing potential with the power he received with his Light energy. The image that I have posted reflects Yscariot at the time of the Zeta chapters.

If you’re into reading action novels, then follow my facebook page and/or read the previews to the novel project now. The first 16 chapters are available for download.